Song Collaboration with Roman Namor

I wrote a little tune and presented it to a friend of mine, who is an actor and singer. I wanted to start something with him for quite some time and tried my best to convince him – gladly, he was not very difficult to convince.

It was clear from the beginning that we didn’t want to spend too much money on this project. We choose to make this whole thing an exercise in videomaking and music performance. If done well, we intend to do a lot more of this kind of stuff – and it is impossible to not run out of money, if you spend a couple of hundred on every single clip.

We came up with a simple setup, inspired by Prime Day, which brought me a fog machine (who doesn’t want one, right?). The setup consists of: black background, color gels and – fog. A lot of fog.

First experiments with the machine and the lights went down in my garage – proof of that is the bycicle which you can discover in one or two of the following pictures.

I’m quite happy with the result. I’ll post only photos for now though, as I don’t want to give to much away right now. The shooting is set to be next week. There will be a resume after the release of the video.

Preproduction Test-Pictures